Hafa Foods and Frozen Foods is an organization managed by experts in the field with constant persuation of quality, quantity and vision, to metamorph into a mega manufacturer and exporter of Frozen Food products in Chennai.

Started in the year 2007, as a small outfit, in a humble way, today we have grown three-folds with an array of products. Our "Fit-in-industry" factory at Redhills has been an integrated place spread over an area of 5000 Sq.fit. with skilled, un-skilled, dependable, dedicated and permanent work force putting all their skill to test, to bring out the best products - in terms of taste, quality, hygiene and quantity.

We are producing some of the best, tasty, ready-to Fry Frozen Foods like Samosa, Veg. Cutlet, Panner Roll, Veg. Wrap, Chinese spring rolls, Veg. rolls, Non Veg Snacks and etc. Some of our retail outlets include 5-Star Hotels, Flight kitchens and Export markets. We are operating with our own network to deliver to the end-retailers, end-users for a smooth and pilfer-proof operations. The demand for our products is increasing day by day.

We have been certified by ISO - 22000:2005, HACCP, Halal, FPO-A260 and other statutory certifying & licensing agencies. with our constant endeavors to improve the quality and product range, we are looking for a huge potential and avenues for our products. We are presently tied-up with renowned international logistic firm to deliver our product to our overseas customers, but we are still to fill the demand existing for our products both nationally and internationally. We are bringing shortly the state of the art technology in our processing system.

With our slow and steady attitude, we are putting all our efforts and endeavors together to take our company, products to a greater heights, adhering to international standards, where our well-wishers, customers, retailers, end-users can be proud of.


our  history


Starts Selling Samosa's in platform

When I first started out, I used to stand on a platform at the Pudhupettai vegetable market to sell samosa


Small Shop started with name 'hafa"

At this point, we took things a step further by building a small store with a floor area of 3000 to 4000 square feet to sell frozen items under the brand of hafa.


Best Entrepreneur Award

I was given the Best Entrepreneur Award from the hands of UK Prince, which was organised by YBI. They picked me because I could create 30 to 40 jobs from being initially marketed on platforms.


Export to various regions

We begin exporting goods to every region around us.


Finally Al-Hafa arises and continues to flourish...

We opened a new plant with 30,000 square feet under the name of Hafa Frozen Foods International Pvt ltd with the help of all our experience and God's grace. By that time, all of our processes were done under that brand.


"A leader is a dealer in Hope"

Hopefully I dealt everything from beginning and my hope is speaking to the world now. I can say, this world always welcomes and respect the hard workers.

“Work hard and become a leader” is a fact throughout history, this fact become a reality through hard work in my Life.

Now history says His-Story, “Small ideas are not so small always , but it holds big realities inside of it. When life welcomes you don’t miss it, just use it!"

My own experience tells a great story for all of the Entrepreneurs.My steping stones are from Eduactional Institute, Flight Kitchen, Theme Park, Malls, Juice Shop, Industrial Cataring, Marriage Cataring, Restraunt, Five Star & 3 Star Hotels and Etc...

That's all about Me!